The Perfect Balance of Form, Function, and Value

Why choose between design, quality and budget?

Finishing a building is one of the most fragmented and costly phases of a project.  Wasteful and time-consuming material sourcing and perpetual value-engineering inevitably lead to compromised and inconsistent design.  Curated, good design often feels reserved for only the most custom or luxury projects where resources, cost, and time are not a barrier.

Cohesive. Comprehensive. Cost-efficient.  With KOVA Components, we create solutions that help bring beautiful spaces to life easily and seamlessly—for more projects.  We work to design solutions that bring together form and function with quality manufacturing to deliver the best design at a value that is attainable for more market sectors, more projects, and more people.

What makes KOVA different? Our team. We have set a high bar for KOVA. Products that deliver on the promise of design, quality, and value require incredible attention to detail.  KOVA products come to life through a rigorous curation and design process, fueled by partnerships with the best manufacturers, and the collaboration of cross-functional teams that bring a broad understanding of building design and assembly to the product development process.

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