05 APR 2023

Designing for Stewardship and Circularity

KOVA's Vice President of R&D Dan Sullivan, AIA, NCARB offers food for thought on the circular mindset required to invest into assets that gain value when designing from ground up.  

“Sustainable building pioneers have been advancing ideas for meaningful sustainability for years and have shifted the conversation to address the concept of 'circularity' to keep waste out of landfills, keep resources in cycles of adaptation and highlight the importance of reuse to those ends. In theory, these principles have always aligned with economic motivators, but in practice, we’re just getting to the point where economic motivation could help us realize sustainability goals.”
— Dan Sullivan
Vice President, KOVA

Visit Mann Report

Visit the link below to read through Dan’s enlightening byline. Touching on the need for reimaging what circularity is within a building life cycle and the need to have solutions be both effective and profitable.

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