KOVA Components

KOVA Components interior fixtures and finishing products designed to deliver exceptional quality for value.

Why choose between design, quality, and budget?
Good design doesn’t have to be expensive. KOVA products are crafted to eliminate trade-offs, delivering the perfect balance of form, function, and value.


KOVA offers a thoughtfully curated selection of bath products that combine functional ease and superior performance with sophisticated, timeless design.


KOVA Kitchen sinks and faucets are designed to blend seamlessly with a variety of design aesthetics, balancing form and function to ensure every fixture offers ergonomic comfort, timeless modern design, and superior performance.



KOVA Lighting provides a curated selection of lighting options for interior and exterior conditions in a range of styles, with performance in mind.


Finish Materials

KOVA offers a thoughtfully curated selection of finish materials that combine timeless styles with exceptional performance to complete most interior needs.



Reach out to the KOVA sales team today and start the conversation.

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